Howdy All

Well here I am in Ireland again, a land of mixed blessing for me.

I am writing a new song called ‘phones, cards and motor cars’ no matter how much I plan and how many plan b’s I have there is still trying times, but I should have my old ford van back by next Monday.

Now for the positives.

Had a fantastic 4 days at the ‘Rock and Roll food festival’ in Enniscorthy the first weekend we were here, met some new pals saw some fantastic Rockabilly and Rock and Roll acts. What a festival over 120,000 attendees, all dancing all singing all have a grand craic, all ages from 4-90, 

Last weekend we played at Ryans in Kilkenny one of my faves and we are back next month there, and Cranelane in Cork, the band really hit their stride and only second gig in.

The trials and tribulations will continue I guess and as Rob Reilly wrote….’we won’t be beaten’

Irish phone number below if you need me urgently, or Whatsapp

Peace and love you all

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